About Us

About Us

About Us

Here at MMC-TV we produce several of our own original programs with the help of various producers, production personnel, and show hosts.

Our programming is community oriented and geared towards various audiences including English and Spanish speaking viewers as well as those interested in business, politics, art and health. These programs are taped in our state of the art, all virtual studio which allows us to change the set for each show despite our limited space.

Our small, but growing staff, currently consists of four positions, an in-house producer, an executive producer, and two directors and editors. We currently have 21 volunteer producers and hosts which tape weekly or bi-weekly programs that air on Channel 16. All of our producers are members of the community and have chosen programs that are either relevant to their profession or their passion. The producers interview guests that are experts in their fields about topics of interest to members of the community in Montgomery County.

For more information on our staff and producers please choose the appropriate link below:

Vinnie Walter, General Manager

Melissa Aymold, Assistant General Manager

LaVerne Flanagan-Norman, Producer

Raychyl Segovia, Director/Editor