Guest Info

Guest Info

Guest Info

Congratulations and welcome: You have been invited to appear on one of our programs here at MMC-TV, because we consider you an expert in your field. The following are somethings to consider while preparing for the show.

It’s a conversation:

In everyday conversation you speak naturally, sincerely, clearly, you look the other person in the eyes and there are no do-overs … Treat this interview the same way. Relax. Smile. We’ll be having fun and you should too. Take 2 deep breaths before we begin and you’ll instantly feel more comfortable (It really works).

Talk with your host:

DO NOT LOOK AT THE CAMERAS OR MONITORS! Treat the interview like you were sitting around having a natural conversation with a friend, pretend like the cameras aren't there.

Facts tell. Stories sell.:

Your audience are visual people. They learn through pictures, literally and figuratively. Any time you can illustrate a point by telling a personal story, you’ll be creating a deeper level of understanding, while being entertaining, dynamic and clear.


Business or business casual is perfect. Because this is a “virtual studio” (green-screen technology), DO NOT wear anything GREEN or YELLOW, also no dangly earrings. Solid colors do look the best. (Again, no shades of green.)

Your cell phone:

Once you arrive at the studio, it’s best to leave your phone in your car. Even on vibrate, a cell phone can be a distraction to you, your hosts, and production staff.

Arrive early:

Arrive at least 15 minutes before taping, if your host tells you that the show is at 10a.m., please arrive at 9:45. This is necessary so that you and your host can go over your topic once more, get your microphone ready and be on the set to begin at your scheduled time. Other shows are being taped before and after each other, so your promptness is greatly appreciated and very important.

Your show will air on:

Each program has its own scheduled time that it airs each week, please check the Schedule to see when your program airs, your host should also give you your air dates. MMC-TV can be found on Channel 16 for everyone with Comcast or Verizon in Montgomery County. Sorry, we are not available on satellite television.

How to Obtain a DVD copy of your show:

The station sells DVD copies of each of the programs for $40. To purchase a DVD please mail a check payable to MMC-TV to the station. As soon as your show airs we will make you a copy and mail it to the address on your check. With you check please also state the name of the program you appeared on, the date you taped and where you would like your DVD mailed to if it’s different than your check. Because of our small staff it may take up to four weeks to receive your DVD.


MMC-TV is located in Kensington, MD. The studio is on the basement floor of the Kensington town hall/armory. From the parking lot, take the steps down and come in through the double green doors. Once inside the hallway, come straight down the hall and we are the last door on the left. Click here for directions.